Get to know us

We’re a group of young, creative minds with a passion for languages, who understand that translation is much more than just words on a piece of paper. We test the limits of communication by helping people around the world to understand each other.
Driven by the same values – excellence, quality, responsibility, a proactive approach and integrity – the people at Wordminds overcome language barriers by providing boundless communication services.
From the very first year of activity, thanks to our partners, Wordminds has enjoyed a consistent growth. We work to build the future, constantly adapting to technology, industries, products and people.
Wordminds – we give a mind to your Words!

Our mission & values

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, stress-free translation services to every customer. Localisation can be stressful – often there’s little time, the message must be adapted to the target language, and finding the right linguist isn’t always easy – and many projects involve lots of tools and formats.

We deal with these challenges for you!

Company values:

✔️ Excellence — it’s what makes the difference. A novel approach, a customised reply, a perfectly tailored translation, a smile.

✔️ Quality — For us, communication is the heart of human interaction. The message should be 100% correct. Full stop.

✔️ Responsibility — “Not closed until you are happy’ policy. We will not leave a project until it is exactly what you need it to be. We customise every project to every client’s needs.

✔️ Integrity — We have to stay honest and correct with both our customers and linguists – from correct quotes and to on-time payments for each vendor.

✔️ Enthusiasm about our work — We believe that our work will never be perfect if we don’t love what we do. We’re passionate about the job, we strive to overcome language barriers , and we love to communicate.

  • 2011

    start with a small idea

    This was the beginning of Wordminds. The initial idea was to create a collaboration platform for freelancers and companies, but we changed our vision very quickly. From our very first translation inquiry, we understood that we could give our customers so much more value – so translations and helping people communicate became our business.

  • 2012

    first million words translated

    We understood that demand for quality translation was going to last. We started to get inquires and worked hard to offer the best service to our customers. We took time to learn, too, We started to go deeper into specialised technology and translation processes, and reached our first milestone of one million translated words.

  • 2013

    10000 translators

    This was the year when we focused mostly on acquiring new and more specialised resources. Even though this is an on-going process, 2013 was the year when we established many crucial partnerships with the best among our translators and could make even bigger strides in the industry.

  • 2014

    2 new offices opened

    2014 was a big year for Wordminds. Our industry is huge, but also highly competitive. We decided to open two operations offices in Eastern Europe. By the end of the year, we already had one Sales Team in Romania and one Project Management Team in Moldova. This the decision was the key to breaking into the international market.

  • 2016

    global level

    Sooner or later, passion for languages and hard work will not be enough. We understood that we needed more knowledge. During 2015 we began attending attend the biggest industry events, and continued to do so in 2016. In 2016 we also became GALA members and decided to contribute to the Translators without Borders project. End with our success, we know the best is yet to come!

We are working for grands

There is a difference between managing projects for your customers and treating your customers as projects. We value maintaining existing relationships and winning new clients.
At Wordminds, you will never feel like just another client.
We believe that our linguists are the key to making make the world’s multilingual business happen. Our clients inspire us to deliver better value and strive for perfection in translation.
The help and feedback of our clients is the reason that we enjoy our work – and the key to teamwork, excellent quality and great results!

how can we help you?

Contact us online or request a call-back. Our sales manager will get in touch shortly.

Partnerships are the key

We care! We maintain existing relationships and we are always looking to further expand our network.
How? Internally, investing minds in words, and externally, through further acquisitions, continuously enriching our services and building opportunities for your business to grow!

This is why we decided to join the biggest network of translation companies: GALA. The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association for the language industry, offering support to member companies by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge, and advancing technology.


In the same time, we care about the community. #languagematters, so in 2016 we became Bronze Sponsors of the Translations without Borders community. Translators without Borders (TWB) strives to provide people with access to vital, often life-saving, information in their own language, by connecting non-profit organizations with a community of professional translators, building local language translation capacity and raising awareness about language barriers.


We must also mention, which is a great platform for connecting with great clients and valuable linguists. Contributing by being a member of ProZ is part of our strategy, and will be in the years to come.


Looking for a First-Class Translation Service? We can help!