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As one of the leading fitness companies in the world, the brand offers specialty classes – from aquatic-based to those specifically designed for seniors and children. The company's lifestyle is rounded out by different consumer product offerings, including books, DVDs, video games and original music, activewear and footwear, and interactive events.

Challenge nr. 1

Translate and localize their marketing materials in 7+ languages

As an international business, the client has a complex multilingual marketing and communications strategy, with a high volume of content published in several major languages, as well as additional material in more than 10 others. We assembled a team of dedicated linguists and project managers who worked exclusively on client’s translation requests.

Challenge nr. 2

Maintain a consistent brand voice across the target languages

Keeping the brand's fun and freedom-loving voice consistent across the various target languages is vital to their success.

To ensure that the brand experience was an exact match in each language we developed a dedicated termbase - a specialised database that contains terminology and related information in each of the target languages. This allows us to keep accuracy and consistency high, and lets linguists focus on the novel terms they need to translate.

fitness class

Challenge nr. 3

Adapt content for different audiences and languages

The most challenging part of working on our client’s projects is to localize content not only for different countries but also to adjust the messaging to different target audiences. For example, translating newsletters targeting fitness instructors from Spain, we involved translators that were well-versed in fitness and sports terminology.

Addressing such a diverse number of company's devotees from instructors to fitness aficionados is challenging, as each message has to be adapted in terms of tone, terminology and locale. That’s why it’s vital to work with a network of expert linguists who can deliver qualitatively localized content for a specific target audience.

Challenge nr. 4

Format content in graphics editors

Our desktop publishing team played a crucial role in the development of our relationship. Our DTP specialists worked on formatting newsletters in different languages and adjusted them based on the words’ length. For example, the phrase: “The best of the best” contains 20 characters in English, while the same phrase in Indonesian (“Terbaik dari yang terbaik”) contains 25 characters. Travod’s desktop publishing team adjusted the different phrases used in these newsletters with the help of Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, maintaining the meaning while respecting the design constraints, and providing the company with publishing-ready files.

Challenge nr. 5

Offer a way to consolidate all their translation requests

The company's team members submit translation requests using our proprietary client portal. The portal works as a content hub where our client's team members can see all the projects that are being worked on at any given point. Through the customer portal they can:

  • Create new translation projects
  • Add instructions
  • See projects’ status
  • Set and manage deadlines
  • View invoice information
  • Communicate any project-related information to their account manager

These features accelerate translations and reduce the administrative overhead, freeing up the company's marketing team to focus on new creative content.

fitness instructor teaching class

The result

Travod is company's trusted translation service provider for 7 languages, giving them immediate access to qualified linguists and designers who truly understand their business model and brand whenever a new project arises. The team receives publication-ready images, text and other communications materials that they use to build and maintain brand loyalty with fans around the world.

Thanks to our collaboration the team can track all translation projects that are worked on at any given point by logging into our translation management system. We’re delighted that our partnership has continued to evolve, and we currently assist the company with multiple language projects each month.

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