English to French translation services

French is a popular language, spoken in many parts of the world. It’s either an official or a primary language in more than 44 countries. It’s also an official language in many international bodies, such as the Red Cross, UNO, UNESCO and the European Community and the NATO. Therefore, the need for English to French translation is very high in most parts of the world.

Many people don’t know that in the shaping of the English language, French has had a great influence.  More than 10000 French words were adopted by the English language, during the Norman occupation, out of which most are still used today (e.g. bottle, chair, money). Further, certain pronunciations in English have been adopted from French.

Due to these reasons, English to French translation is not as difficult as other translations. However, it’s neither simple as replacing the English word with the corresponding French word. In order to become a English to French translator, one should possess a good command of both languages. Therefore, a good translator service has the challenge of becoming proficient in both the languages, understand their similarities & differences and possess a good command of the vocabulary and grammar of both the languages.

Professional services in English to French translation is offered by various institutions. These institutions possess qualified and expertise translators who would provide precise and accurate English to French translations. Such services are widely used by diplomatic and corporate services.

One could also use an English-to-French dictionary for English to French translation. If you are an English speaking person trying to learn French, using a dictionary is most helpful in translating words. However, for professional translation, merely having a dictionary would not be sufficient. It’s always advisable to use the services of a professional translator agency.

Further, using English to French translation is very useful in ecommerce websites. Since there are a large community of French speaking people out there, giving the facility for them to view a website in their own language would absolutely please them.

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