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Europe is a continent of great linguistic and cultural differences, and Europeans have always been conscious of linguistic diversity. The distribution of languages is extremely uneven. In this region, more than 50 languages are spoken, which belong to a half-dozen language families.

Nowadays, the European continent’s economic relationships play a key role in the global arrangements. European countries tend to do a lot of business with their 

European neighbours and therefore the languages of these neighbour countries are important translation languages.

Moreover, the European Union has set French, German and English as working languages, which requires a high number of translations. We offer professional results in our qualitative translation service for our clients. We are an on-demand translation platform, providing fast services at prices you can afford.

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1. defining your needs

You are assigned a professional Project Manager, who will deal with your order from the beginning right up until the delivery of the final file to you.

2. process management

The Project Manager defines the profile of the translator who will be most suitable for this particular project based on professional background and expertise.

3. quality assurance

Once the documents have been translated, they are forwarded to the proofreader(s) for careful review and any necessary changes.

4. delivery and feedback

Once you have reviewed the final files and informed us that you are satisfied with the result, the Finance Manager sends you an invoice.

pricing options

Silver package

Price matters.
We offer basic-level translations.

Why? Because:

  • Some clients like to do revision in-house, so we provide a translation done by a native target-language linguist who also carries out self-proofreading.


  • Not every translation has to be perfect. If the text is translated for general understanding purposes and it does not directly affect life or property, your fee will reflect it.
Gold package

Quality matters.
We deliver professional translation services.

How is it working?

  • The ‘4 eyes’ principle. The translation is done by a native in the target language. Then an independent proofreader reviews the work and corrects it if necessary.


  • Our dedicated Project Manager runs a quality check and the results are sent to the translator and proofreader.


  • The translation is then ready and the final updated file goes to you.
Custom package

Need something special?
Contact us and we’ll do it.

What does this mean?

  • Some clients come to us with unusual requests. Be it new software, a rather illegible text, a rare language, or a different approach that’s needed, we are open to trying it and finding a solution!


  • Every linguistic goal can be successfully achieved with a team of creative minds, a good group of linguists who are open for challenges and an Account Manager who never gives up.

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in the translation industry!

WORDMINDS provides high-quality translation services. We are able to handle any communication related to industries such as business, finance, law, marketing and medicine, as well as technical fields.


more than 15,000
professional, native-language translators

All our linguists have at least seven years of experience in translation, in a range of over 100 languages. We offer quality solutions that are cost-effective and stress-free.


dedicated project manager
for each assignment

The Project Manager monitors all the aspects of the project to ensure that your order is delivered on time and meets our high quality standards.


best pricing options

Our main goal is to provide high-quality translation services and solutions that are stress-free, budget-saving and cost-effective.


native translators only

We work with professional linguists with a variety of backgrounds and specialisations, to provide only the best results.


quality assurance

We continuously invest in quality. We seek out and work with the best translators in the industry to keep clients satisfied with the services they get.


our clients

translation services that are perfectly tailored to
fit your budget and quality expectations