Improve Your Client’s Experience and Watch Your Bottom Line Improve, Too!

No doubt you have heard clients talking about improving their customer experience. This refers to all their interactions which their customers and potential customers have with them, right from initial content to after-sales support. It’s up to you as an LSP to you to create a compelling customer experience for your clients. It should be one which will keep them coming back for every language need they encounter.

What really matters?

What can you do to improve your client’s customer experience? The CSA has spent a considerable amount of time researching buyers of language services. The following is an outline of the main concerns which drive interactions.

  • Achieving objectives. Your client’s goal is typically to translate a document. But, why do they want the translation? Usually, one of the main reasons is customer experience.
  • Helping them learn from others. For most buyers, LSPs are a source of education when it comes to technology and processes which will help them reduce turnaround times, improve quality, and save money. Customers rely on you to help them find problems and avoid costly errors.
  • Achieving goals quickly, easily, and affordably. You must be willing to change your processes to meet your client’s needs. Can you make things cheaper, easier, and faster?
  • Help them connect with management. Localization managers on the buyer’s side rely on LSPs as a source of information in terms of taking the language function to a higher level. A top-notch LSP will help customers advance.
  • Help to implement change. Global companies can benefit from a self-confidence boost and any training you, their LSP, can offer.


Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

Upgrading the customer experience

Your goal should be to simultaneously maintain clients and prospects while improving the areas which will lead to better customer experience. Here are a few improvements you can make:

  • See problems from the client’s perspective. It isn’t all about the services you offer, but it’s also about the benefits which can solve your customer’s problems, whether it’s making them look good to their management, or providing regular project updates.
  • Make customer experience part of your business’s DNA. Successful LSPs engrain customer experience in their DNA. They make it part of their vision statement and ensure it is top of mind with staff, no matter what position they hold.
  • Interaction should transcend projects. LSPs should strive to work with their clients beyond the projects. All stages of the relationship should be nurtured.
  • High-quality client service. Each LSP employee should offer a consistent and positive customer experience from sales to accounts, the project manager, and everyone in between. That is why it is important to provide ongoing training on communication and loyalty. The entire company’s goal should be to over-deliver and ensure customers know you are committed to them.

The monitoring and improvement of customer experience is a necessity for LSPs, which need to increase their understanding of clients, up-sell, and increase retention rates. A carefully planned approach will help your business stand out and, in addition, it can prevent negative word-of-mouth reviews.


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