Norwegian to english translation services

Norwegian is the official language of Norway, and is being spoken by about 5 million of people. It’s very similar to Danish and Swedish. Most Norwegians also speak English fluently, but with a slight Norwegian accent. If you visit Norway, learning to do Norwegian to English translation would be extremely useful, as most of the signs, name boards and notice boards display Norwegian language. It’s advisable that you learn at least a few basic Norwegian words, which would be really helpful while you stay there.

Being a popular and widely used language in the Scandinavian region, it’s often required to translate Norwegian language to English. There are various professional services that undertake Norwegian to English translation jobs. These services are offered by translation consultants, who possess qualifications and expertise to doNorwegian to English translation precisely and accurately. Such services are widely used by diplomatic and corporate services. Further, there are a lot of Norwegian entrepreneurs operating business worldwide, who would often need to communicate with other nationalities using English. A service for Norwegian to English translation is very useful in such situations, therefore some companies outsource their translation services to professional translation service agencies. These translation services include not only textual translations, but also face-to-face discussion translations.

Norwegian to English translation is not as difficult as translating most other languages, because as most Western European languages, they share a common vocabulary to some extent. Following are some examples:

  • velkommen(welcome)
  • encyklopedi(encyclopedia)
  • over(over)
  • språk(language – as in ‘speak’)
  • Fra (from)

Another reason why Norwegian to English translation is easy because it has much easier grammar structure. For example, a present tense term is given by adding an -r to the verb, regardless of the person doing it. Following are some examples:

  • Ha (to have)
  • jeg har (I have)
  • du har (You have)
  • han har(he has)
  • vi har (vi har)

To conclude, translating Norwegian to English is easy. However, it’s always better to employee a professional Norwegian to English translation service to do this translation, as it would provide an accurate, quality outcome.

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