Silver package

Price matters.
We offer basic level translations.

Why? Because:

  • There are clients who like to do the revision in-house so in these cases we are providing a translation done by a native in the target language linguist who is doing a self-proofreading at the end.


  • Not every translation has to be perfect. If the text is translated for general understanding purposes and it does not directly affect a human life, you don’t have to pay a big fee for that.
Gold package

Quality matters.
We deliver professional translation services.

How is it working?

  • The 4 eyes-principle. The translation is done by a native in the target language. There is an independent proofreader who is reviewing and correcting the job if necessary.


  • Our dedicated Project Manager runs a quality check and the results are sent to the translator and proofreader.


  • Translation is ready, the final updated file goes to you.
Custom package

Need something special?
Contact us and we’ll do it.