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Document translation

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Customers are 6x times more likely to buy a product or service when the information is in their native language.

Getting your message across to new customers is never easy. That’s why Wordminds is on a mission to help companies enter new markets and win new customers through effective multilingual communication. By engaging top-class translators and professional linguists, we ensure that any message - marketing communication, user manual or business letter - will be accurately translated and adapted to the new market.


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Our document translation services help you close the gap between your company and potential customers, no matter what language they speak.

Document translation services
PProfessional translation
We work with in-country translators and linguists to ensure that your project is accurately translated and completed on time and budget.
Our expert linguists localise your copy to make sure it speaks to the audience of your target country.
LLinguistic review
Your project goes through multiple stages of translation, editing and review, performed by several pairs of eyes.
Content and documents we translate
  • Operations procedures
  • CAD drawings & assembly instructions
  • User manuals
  • Engineering specifications
  • Labels & packaging
  • Product descriptions
  • Technical proposals
  • Legal documentation
  • Certifications & diplomas
  • Internal policies & guides
  • Employee communications
  • Websites & software
  • Design specifications
  • Business communications
  • E-learning materials
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