Want a successful translation business? 4 tips for growth through client care!

We all know that great customer service can take a business from drab to booming in no time at all. So, poor customer service, therefore, can harm a business to the point of failure. However, done properly, customer service – even in the translation business – can and will increase your customer base.

A study conducted by faculty staff at St. Martin found that there are two important things we need to know about customer service:

  • An unhappy customer, on average, will tell 9 – 10 people about their experience
  • Customers who complaints are addressed and resolved timeously will tell at least five people about their positive experience with a company

So, is the translation industry up to scratch?

Customer service and the translation industry

There’s no doubt that good customer service is important to every single industry, but it is a key issue for the translation industry. Keeping clients happy is important to ensure that they keep coming back for language services. But, what does providing good client service mean for our industry?

Technical competency is important

In our field, project managers are the voice and face of the business, and the way they interact with customers is important. They need to have proficient knowledge and they should receive appropriate training before facing customers.

It’s relatively common for translators to receive urgent requests and nothing can be more frustrating or stress-inducing for a client than to realize that the person they are dealing with is not qualified for the job. Coordinators need to be able to handle the challenging and fast-paced translation environment. They should be familiar with each client’s procedure for ordering translators and they need to have immediate and easy access to a list of languages professionals who are available.

Good manners go a long way

Being polite contributes to good customer service. Sending follow-up emails after a project has been completed to make sure the client was satisfied or even a quick phone call to confirm the client was happy with the language expert are small ways to show your customers you care.

Keep calm and give good service

Another main factor that makes for good customer service in our industry is the ability to stay calm, no matter the situation. Dealing with people daily is stressful, even more so when the client is angry with the interpreter for being late or there is a billing error. Linguists and project managers need to remain calm and let the client voice their concerns, after which they can offer an explanation.

Good organizational skills

It is important to be organized in the translation industry. Take down notes of everything done during a day, make sure every email and phone call is handled in the most positive and professional way, and you are on the right path to great customer service. Translation companies are a hectic environment to work in and it can be easy to overlook a deadline or forget to make a quick call. Project managers, particularly, need to have exceptional organization skills so as to manage multiple duties.

If you find your translation business is in a rut – have you looked at your customer service lately? What are you doing to make sure those 9 or 10 customers walk away happy and with only good things to say about you? After all, you don’t want to be that business everyone talks about for the wrong reasons.



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  • All translation businesses are looking for ways to be successful and excellent customer service is certainly an important factor. Your blog offers some good advice to businesses looking to increase their customer base, as well as retain those valuable existing customers.

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