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Translating your website is one of the most important strategies in obtaining worldwide clients. Statistics show that in order to reach 87% of all internet users, you would need to translate your content into approximately 10 languages.

If you are concerned that your web content will be lost as it moves into other languages, you can be rest assured that by outsourcing the function to Wordminds, your strategy and corporate image across languages will be maintained.

As professionals, we work with confidence and use specialised knowledge, skills, and a strong sense of business ethics to find tailored solutions for each client’s request.

If your goal is to expand your business into new markets and obtain new customers, then you have found the right team to make your website available in as many markets, and by extension languages, as possible. Your website will always be your business’s pinnacle.  

Consider the benefits of translation – be strategic and contact us now. Your investment in translating your website will be insignificant compared to the international income it can bring.

  • 20+ websites fully translated to get closer to our client’s target market;
  • 120+ languages covered;
  • 15,000 vetted linguists.


1. defining your needs

You are assigned a professional Project Manager, who will deal with your order from the beginning right up until the delivery of the final file to you.

2. process management

The Project Manager defines the profile of the translator who will be most suitable for this particular project based on professional background and expertise.

3. quality assurance

Once the documents have been translated, they are forwarded to the proofreader(s) for careful review and any necessary changes.

4. delivery and feedback

Once you have reviewed the final files and informed us that you are satisfied with the result, the Finance Manager sends you an invoice.

7 years of experience
in the translation industry!

WORDMINDS provides high-quality translation services. We are able to handle any communication related to industries such as business, finance, law, marketing and medicine, as well as technical fields.


more than 15,000
professional, native-language translators

All our linguists have at least seven years of experience in translation, in a range of over 100 languages. We offer quality solutions that are cost-effective and stress-free.


dedicated project manager
for each assignment

The Project Manager monitors all the aspects of the project to ensure that your order is delivered on time and meets our high quality standards.


best pricing options

Our main goal is to provide high-quality translation services and solutions that are stress-free, budget-saving and cost-effective.


native translators only

We work with professional linguists with a variety of backgrounds and specialisations, to provide only the best results.


quality assurance

We continuously invest in quality. We seek out and work with the best translators in the industry to keep clients satisfied with the services they get.

other services


Put the power of over 15000 linguists to work for you. Each translator is able to translate 3000 words per day per language pair.


& Revision

Every translation needs a check, no matter how good the translator is. A team of proofreaders  is ready to take on this process.


Subtitling & Screen Adapting

Subtitling is fun. Watching movies and translating the speeches – the best way to combine business and pleasure.



Most of the texts require someone to adjust their layout. Be it a User Manual, or Menu, in Danish, or Swahili, we have it covered.


& Adaptation

Speak to your local customers in their own language, it can be your website, a brochure, software, a game, media or an application.


Transcription & Speech Conversion

We can help you turning voices, records, phone calls, videos and main stream media footage into any written format, which is grammatically and contextually correct.



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translation services that are perfectly tailored to
fit your budget and quality expectations