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We’re a customer-centric multimedia and e-learning specialist. With a focus on quality and personalisation, we combine agile processes and adaptable workflows to bring your content objectives to life.

Thanks to our extensive multimedia and e-learning expertise and our specialist tools in-house, there’s no need to break projects up between multiple providers. Instead, we bring all the services you need into one centralised hub, cutting the mess out of multi-format localisation and rapidly accelerating your time to market.

We know that language services are complex, and can feel a little overwhelming at times. That’s why we place extra emphasis on support — to meet you where you’re at, understand your exact project scope and deliver high quality, ready-to-use files, stress-free.

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Leadership team

We’re led by industry experts with a focus on client satisfaction and success.

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Steve Higgins


Ana Boisteanu Wordminds

Ana Boisteanu

Chief Strategy Officer

Nadia Codreanu Wordminds

Nadia Codreanu

Chief Financial Officer

Inga Padurean Wordminds

Inga Padurean

Chief People Officer

Eugen Torica Wordminds

Eugen Torica

Director of Traduno Development

Andrei Panciuc Wordminds

Andrei Panciuc

Head of Marketing, BI and Solutions

Jane Freeman

Jane Freeman

Chief Revenue Officer

Samara Hickman

Samara Hickman

Chief Operations Officer

A global network of translators

We work with over 3,000 professional linguists and translators. Situated all over the world, they provide expertise in the grammar, cultural norms and the sensitivities of their target regions.

Proud Members

We work hard to build and maintain relationships and we are always looking to expand our partnerships. We are proud members of one the biggest network of translation companies - ProZ and the American Translators Association (ATA).

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Alina Castrasan Wordminds
Valentina Munteanu Wordminds

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