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Professional Translation

There’s no substitute for speaking to your prospects and customers in their native language - it shows you truly understand their needs and respect their cultural values. To ensure your message and brand voice is accurately communicated across language barriers, we draw on our extensive network of expert linguists, qualified in the industries in which we operate, and with native fluency in each target language. The result is a fully localised experience for your global audiences, which is fluent, natural and accurate on a linguistic and cultural level.

We handle a diverse range of media, from marketing communications to technical documentation, product manuals to software interfaces, as well as highly specialised content in fields such as law, medicine and finance. Each piece of content we deliver undergoes an ISO-certified quality assurance process and is verified by accredited reviewers.

Wordminds Language Localisation

Language Localisation

Technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to communicate immediately with customers in any corner of the globe. However, what is often overlooked is the importance of maintaining a local strategy for each of the markets they operate in. Simply translating the same original content into several languages doesn’t work - the result can seem artificial at best and at worst can cause serious errors or drawbacks.

Any language that is spoken within multiple regions and continents (e.g English, Spanish, Portuguese, French etc) must be accompanied by localisation - adjusting the content to ensure it maintains the same relevance as the source language. This means paying careful attention to a range of factors, such as grammar, punctuation, idioms, cultural references, metaphors, or phrasing. Our expert native speakers deliver the translated content in a form and style that users recognise as familiar and feel comfortable with.

Wordminds transcreation and adoptation

Transcreation and Adaptation

When adapting creative content such as brand slogans or marketing taglines for use in a new market, it’s even more important to use a quality language partner who can support you with transcreation. This type of messaging often relies on very subtle use of phrasing, humour or popular references which may vary widely between the original and target languages, so it’s usually necessary to break it down to the original idea and then recreate it in the right way for your target audience.

It’s vital to have local native speakers with branding and marketing experience working on the content, as you can be confident the original sense and meaning comes across, avoiding inadvertent hilarity, potential embarrassment or even causing offence. Equally importantly, professional transcreation will help to build credibility for your brand in the new market, increase your reach among potential customers and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

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