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Improve your user experience by delivering websites, apps and interfaces in each of your customer’s native languages.

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Website Translation and Localisation

In a global marketplace, translation and localisation is an important part of any organisation’s digital strategy to ensure the offering is accessible and attractive to each of the target audiences around the world. With constant updates to product and service descriptions, effectively managing rapidly changing content requires expert project management as well as linguistic expertise.

Wordminds offers an integrated end-to-end process, using a purpose-built translation management system. We integrate with popular CMS and cloud storage platforms to reduce time-to-live for each individual piece of content, while maintaining exacting standards of quality and accuracy. For organisations using their own in-house systems, we develop custom integrations to allow seamless sharing of data between parties, significantly reducing administration time and lowering total project costs.

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Software Localisation

Today's software users expect new applications to be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear language and common terminology. For businesses creating globally available software products, proper localisation of each aspect of the user experience is vital in ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing support requests.

To address this need, we put together a dedicated team for each software localisation project which includes project managers, expert linguists and experienced developers who work together to deliver accurate and timely translations of application interfaces, dialogue boxes and even underlying code and comments, in lockstep with your existing production and release schedules.

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Search Engine Content Optimisation and Localisation

In order to compete in the international market, it’s critical to adopt a localised approach to search engine optimisation. A one-to-one translation of your existing keyword lists, metadata and content is not sufficient when it comes to gaining the top spot. Search patterns and habits differ greatly from region to region, so it’s important to work with a language partner that understands cultural differences, local slang or colloquialisms to maximise your impressions and traffic.

Our expert search team comprises both data specialists and professional linguists who work in combination to deliver keyword analysis, targeting and research on the relevant platforms for your local audience. Along with Google keywords, we work with Amazon keywords to help your online business rise in ranking and effectiveness.

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