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Deploying AI to facilitate large scale translations

Wordminds Deploying AI to facilitate large scale translations

The machine translation (MT) engines used by professional agencies are a world apart from the type of translation tool you might find on the web. The AI can be trained for specific subject matter, specialist terminology, and particular language pairs to reduce mistakes, and can also be deployed to review and check texts for common errors. For large volumes of content, and time sensitive projects, MT is an invaluable asset in allowing us to rapidly create accurate base translations which can then be worked on and perfected.

At this point our native language qualified human translators step in to review the translations and adjust them for grammar, style, tone and nuance where necessary. With no feasible substitute for the personal touch, the use of MT completes much of the groundwork and allows for a more cost-effective service than translating every word manually.

How the Process Works

Select the optimal MT engine for your needs

Train the AI on your terminology

Create automated base translations

Expert linguists refine and review the output

Process analysis for future improvement

Advantages of MT

Wordminds Advantages of MT

Adopting a blended approach which merges the advantages of both human and machine translation delivers substantial benefits. Machine translation experts configure our enterprise-class systems to translate content in bulk and at speed, significantly reducing the total manual input and therefore bringing costs down.

Expert operators guide the process through human feedback and adjustments, allowing the AI to learn and adapt to particular content types, which leads to increased performance as the project progresses. In addition, the review process is streamlined by automating error detection, leading to higher accuracy and consistency, and minimising the workload for our human quality assurance team.

Why clients choose Wordminds

Expert, qualified language professionals

Meticulous quality assurance

Strict adherence to deadlines

Agile, flexible tech expertise

Extensive project capacity

Integrated with your ecosystem

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