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Wordminds layout and formatting

Layout and Formatting

One of the main challenges when translating and localising design-based content such as brochures, adverts and other marketing collateral is that even minor changes in the text can throw the whole template out of sync.

A few extra words in a title or a longer description in a complex diagram can change the visual effect or readability completely. Our desktop publishing experts are able to solve formatting issues, optimise layouts and rework templates to ensure that the translated content retains the same impact as the original.

Our team is proficient in all industry software packages, from presentation tools to CAD packages, to image manipulation programs and can output finished content in over 40 widely used formats, ready for publication digitally or in print. They work closely with our translators to ensure perfect synchronisation between the linguistic and visual aspects of each content item.

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In some cases, translating visual assets can require more than simple adjustments to the layout - significant rework to the design may be needed. Where more extensive changes are necessary, our skilled designers can work with you to interpret your vision and apply your brand guidelines to recreate the same aesthetic as your original designs, while adjusting the overall structure to the target language and culture.

The result is a fully translated and localised design which communicates the same meaning and creates the same effect as the initial design from which it was adapted. Following an extensive quality assurance process, we’ll deliver the finished product in whatever format you need, ready to be distributed, uploaded or sent to print.

Wordminds content extraction and recreation

Content Extraction and Recreation

Content for translation may not always be available in a ready-to-edit format. Often, sensitive or highly specialised content, for example, legal documentation, medical files or technical manuals, may only be available as hard copy or scanned pages. We’re able to deploy tools such as optical character recognition, combined with expert human editors to quickly convert source materials into editable files which our translation teams can work further on.

This also means we can supply our customers with editable versions of both the input and output files, which is helpful for any company seeking to digitise their archives. From scanned pages of typewritten text to handwriting and even hand-drawn diagrams and tables, our expert team will extract the necessary content and create an accurate yet editable match of the original item.

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