Connection and integration with your in-house software, CMS or DAM

We can connect to and automate the transfer of translated content to your proprietary content and management systems and streamline the delivery process.

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API Connectors

Wordminds API Connectors

We offer plug-and-play integration with the majority of business software platforms including popular CMS such as WordPress, Sitecore, Joomla and Magento, sales and marketing tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Mailchimp, as well as major ERP suites, MIS systems and databases.

This allows us to connect our translation management system directly to your existing systems and allows greater automation, instant file transfer and easier updates. The result is a more cost-effective process which places less demand on administrative staff and reviewers, delivering the required content rapidly and efficiently.

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How it works

We integrate with your systems via API

Source content is captured directly from your platform

We translate, localise and review the work

The completed files are automatically uploaded to your systems

We analyse and adapt the process for optimal performance

Custom APIs

Wordminds Custom AP Is

For organisations using their own proprietary software, or heavily customised versions of the packages mentioned above, it may be necessary to develop custom integrations in order to connect the Wordminds and client systems together. Our in-house development team has a wealth of experience in working with the full tech stack to create novel solutions to any compatibility problems, and we have successfully integrated with a wide range of in-house systems, from front-end to analytics and reporting tools, to databases and repositories.

For large scale projects in particular, the value of a functional integration cannot be overrated, saving time in both sourcing and delivering content and lowering total project costs significantly.

Why clients choose Wordminds

Expert, qualified language professionals

Meticulous quality assurance

Strict adherence to deadlines

Agile, flexible tech expertise

Extensive project capacity

Does your CMS, LMS, DAM or ERP content need a translation?