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Our global team of professional linguists and project managers works around the clock to deliver content for all of the industries we serve.

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For manufacturers operating across global borders, ensuring the quality and precision of translated technical content is vital in maintaining high standards of safety, efficiency and compliance. This requires native-level language proficiency paired with enterprise-grade project management and quality assurance processes.

Marketing & Media

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Working with marketing collateral requires more than just an understanding of the surface meaning. To accurately translate the creative intention behind each element, the subtle implications and the cultural touch points requires an in-depth knowledge not only of the target language but of the society’s norms and customs as well. Our experienced network of native-speaker linguists and marketing experts are able to parse your messaging to unpick every level of meaning.

Software & IT

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Rolling out an app to a global audience has never been easier, but without localising the interface, it’s likely that uptake will be lower than it potentially could. Providing the end-user with an accurate translation of your navigation, content and settings menus is vital to keep them engaged and maintain high customer ratings. Our network of native linguists are specifically qualified in a range of tech fields, from development to UXD which allows us to deliver precise, accurate translations in step with your build and release process.


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As any ecommerce business owner knows, user experience design is key in maximising conversion rates, and the most important aspect of the user experience is the language you use on your product and landing pages. Customers need to be able to understand your offer at a glance, without having to translate or struggle through the descriptions - the easier it is for them to “get” the offer, the more likely they are to buy.

Education & E-learning

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Wordminds helps educational institutions and workplace learning and development teams to deliver localised resources, course materials and examinations in over 140 languages. Our project teams are experienced in working with a wide range of LMS/VLEs as well as content management systems, allowing us to translate and transcreate content in a format which can be seamlessly imported and distributed.


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We understand that legal and judicial documentation requires the highest standards of accuracy, with no room for error. To enable us to deliver precise translations of highly specialised content within tight timescales, we assemble dedicated project teams consisting of expert native-language translators and reviewers with experience in the legal field of the relevant countries, coordinated by highly qualified project managers.

Finance & Banking

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In the finance sector, there is no room for errors or ambiguity. The wording of financial documentation is highly specific and highly regulated, and precise translations require industry knowledge, as well as linguistic expertise. Our project teams are assembled from language professionals who have native speaker ability, paired with financial experience in the regulatory environments of the source and target markets.

Healthcare & Wellness

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Complex medical translations demand rigorous standards of accuracy, whether we’re working with consultation transcripts, dosage instructions, doctors’ reports or diagnostic manuals. To ensure that each translation communicates the intended meaning precisely, we employ specialist linguists with experience in the healthcare sector, alongside their native language capability, to ensure that industry specific terminology is understood and that the output meets regulatory requirements in the target market.