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Dubbing and Voiceover

Video is increasingly the medium of choice for any organisation looking to connect with their customers in an accessible and impactful way. From advertising to product showcases, to explanatory clips, well designed and executed video content has the potential to communicate on a deeper and more personal level than text and images alone. Translating and localising video content in an authentic way relies on working with a language partner that understands your brand voice and ethos as well as having the necessary linguistic knowledge.

Wordminds has access to an international network of professional voice actors who can provide the exact style and tone you need for your video dub or voiceover, localised accurately to your target language. We’ll assist you in selecting the ideal representatives for your brand to build an ongoing and trusting relationship with your audience, wherever they are in the world, and manage the process from end to end.

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Subtitles and Captioning

Providing accurately localised captions for your video content serves a dual purpose, improving accessibility while also boosting search rankings and therefore total views. If you’ve ever experienced the poor quality of auto-generated subtitles available on most major video platforms, you’ll understand how vital it is to create and embed your own professionally translated version.

Our team provides a fast and efficient service, using industry-standard software and operating with all major subtitle formats, including .srt, .sub, .vtt, and .sbv. We understand the need to minimise lead times when publishing videos, to keep content fresh and relevant, and are able to guarantee rapid turnaround on even the largest projects.

Wordminds Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

For commercially or legally sensitive audio content such as court proceedings, customer call recordings, medical interviews or corporate communications the fidelity and accuracy of transcriptions and translations is paramount.

We combine the expert knowledge of qualified native language speaking linguists with voice recognition technology and AI to ensure a perfect record of your original audio content which retains every nuance of meaning in translation. Our extensive network allows us to guarantee short turnaround times, and deliver your completed transcriptions in the precise format you require.

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