Translation memory: The key to consistent and cost-effective translation

When arranging to have your company documents translated, you may have heard the term translation memory crop up. Translation memory offers you the ability to have all the repeated phrases in your large documents automatically translated using translation memory systems. These systems instantly input the correct translation, saving you time and money, while offering you greater consistency throughout your documents.

What is translation memory?

Translation memory is a software system that looks through lengthy company documents and finds all the phrases that are repeated. The translation of these phrases is inserted into the document, providing you with an accurate translation without the need to have these terms translated manually over and over again.

Think about the myriad phrases that are repeated throughout your company materials. Thanks to translation memory, you can avoid having any variation in terminology or wording, by using the same translation for phrases that are repeated. This provides you with a document that is easy for your international customers to follow and read, as the consistency is clear and the repeated phrases do not alter from one page to the next.

The benefits of translation memory

Translation memory offers your business a range of benefits. It provides your company with the opportunity to have efficient translation services without having to bear the cost of heavily translated materials. It also provides you with a level of consistency that you can rely on throughout your company materials, in a time-saving manner.

Save money with translation memory

When you opt to work with a translation service provider that uses translation memory, you get the benefit of having your documents translated at a reduced cost, whether they are large manuals and documents or reoccurring materials. Using translation memory can cut down on the amount of information that needs to be translated in a single document, saving you money in the process.

Because a linguist is able to translate your company material without having to run through the entire document, doing the same translation over and over again, the amount of effort they have to expend in order to translate, let’s say, an entire manual, is lower. This is a cost-effective way to reduce your costs on translation services, as translation memory can keep translation costs down by as much as 30 percent on repeatable phrases.

Save time with translation memory

As linguists go about their work, they are able to search easily and quickly for repeatable phrases using a translation memory system. This allows them to move through your company materials more quickly and easily. This results in faster turnaround times for your translated materials, giving you the ability to have your document returned in only a short amount of time.

With translation memory, you are able to have your large company documents translated in minimal time, as the majority of the material is automatically translated using translation memory. Because translation memory systems search for repeated phrases and insert the right translation, your linguist only needs to check they are accurate and doesn’t need to perform a full translation of the materials, thus saving you time and money in the long run.

Get quality consistency with translation memory

When you consider the frequency of repeated phrases in your company documents, the ability to have consistency can make it easier to present your company information without any discrepancies in the material. Using memory translation gives you that seamless, professional readability, where there are no deviations from the terminology that is important to your business.

Using memory translation is the easiest way to ensure that when a team of linguists is working on your company documents, they are able to produce a consistent translation. They are able to use the same translation phrases within a large document or with expanded materials, so you have the kind of consistency and quality that will impress your customers. Your translated documents will read more clearly, ensuring that your customer understands them better in their native tongue.


By working with a translation company that incorporates translation memory into its services, your business will benefit greatly from its use. You’ll have the ability to get quicker turnaround on your translated documents, at a price you can afford. Wordminds uses the latest translation software and ensures that every single one of your projects uses translation memory so that you have the consistency you need in your translated documents. With memory translation, you’ll get the results you are looking for with the level of quality you expect.

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