Ultrasound specialist UE Systems expands into key Asian markets with website translation

UE Systems reveals how Wordminds’ translation services enabled the company to establish itself as a leader on the world stage.

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About UE Systems

UE Systems creates training and ultrasound inspection instruments that can detect faults and electrical issues with engineering equipment. It helps to improve safety procedures, ensure best practices and reduce energy wastage, enabling businesses to save tens of thousands of dollars by detecting failures early.

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Gaining the right visibility

With high impact products that can make such a huge difference to clients globally, it was essential for UE Systems to be able to showcase its work. This is where translation — and the services of Wordminds — came in.

UE Systems’ research and solutions have been developed over four decades, explains Alexandru Cretu, Project Manager for UE Systems at Wordminds. Like any business, [it’s] interested in yielding the maximum intellectual and monetary value out of [its] work and translation is important for allowing [its] solutions to reach as many customers as possible.

The project

When UE Systems approached Wordminds it was interested in a number of projects, the greatest of which involved translation of its website. This would be an invaluable step that would expand the company’s local support offering for many international clients.

The main concerns we had before translating the website were the logistics of such a task, along with the difficulty of translating technical terms, says Mario Barbosa, Marketing Coordinator at UE Systems. We hadn’t used a translation service before, only freelancers, and that had been labour intensive in terms of quality checking.

Alexandru describes how Wordminds went about managing such a complex and extensive undertaking: From the first mention of a potential project, all the way through to post-delivery support, we manage[d] the work in phases. We ensure[d] the workload and responsibilities [were] distributed to each department involved in the project accordingly, enabling each area to do what it does best.

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Expanding into key markets

The team at Wordminds began by translating some articles, which later developed into the successful translation of the entire website into five languages. This enabled the company to expand into Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian markets and established UE Systems as a world leader in its industry.

Expanding our website into other languages was a fundamental step [in] establishing our global footprint and turning us into a multinational company, explains Mario. Having the website in multiple languages allows us to engage with our audience in those countries in their native language. This also ensures that our clients are aware they have local support.

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The result

The impact of the project was significant, and with limited exposure to the world of translation services before, UE Systems was appreciative of the supportive service and efficiency of the process: Wordminds targets multiple languages, works quickly and with transparency. The team [was] able to deliver quality translations for even the most technical terms, and [was] able to work directly on our website, avoiding all the hassle of managing extra documents.

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Wordminds has also helped UE Systems to translate various case studies into Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Turkish and more.

About Wordminds

Wordminds is a close-knit team of language experts – professional translators, project managers, localisation engineers and business visionaries who work closely with global clients, helping them connect with their international audience. Wordminds works with over 3,000 language specialists and subject-matter experts to enable companies to overcome cultural and language barriers, helping them build trust and create long-lasting business and human relationships. Fully certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, the company believes in continuous improvement and so stands at the forefront of new language-technology implementation, smart collaboration and excellent customer service. Find out more about Wordminds at www.wordminds.com.

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