Pay attention to scammers

Dearest friends,

A short announcement relating to some of the recent translation project requests.

A couple of days ago we were alerted that certain people send translation jobs to our translator’s network, asking for asap availability, delivery time and rates, and most importantly directly requiring to translate an attached document. All done to receive translated files with no intention to pay you.

Those people copied our corporate, branded signature and are sending these requests from a non-corporate, generic Gmail account. This is not how we operate.

== an example of such message below ===

Email screenshot

1) First of all, check the sender – all Wordminds’ request are send from a designated corporate account. We never use a free Gmail account for such purposes. You receive your translation projects’ emails from these addresses so take care to accept translation jobs only from them.

Example: ***@wordminds.com

2) Secondly, the Talent Acquisition Manager for Wordminds is not the person to forward you the document to translate. Being part of an organisation with designated functions and roles, the Talent Acquisition Manager is responsible for your onboarding, your contract, for checking your availability for the job as well as your rates, but never – to forward you a document to translate. This is handled by PMs only. Project managers contact you with all the details, bring you the original files and take care you receive a PO file prior job assignment.

3) You should never start working on an assignment without receiving a PO file.

We have invested in building this organisational infrastructure to protect your interests. Be vigilant and take care. We need you as much as we want to pay you right for the important and indispensable work that you do.

Thank you,

Dorina Josan,
Wordminds Talent Aquisition Manager

This is a copy of the original newsletter published on September 3rd, 2019

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