6 key considerations when translating your marketing content

“Manage the top line: your strategy, your people and your products, and the bottom line will follow.” – Steve Jobs

Every success has its own tips and tricks. And as the old saying teaches us that sharing is caring we thought that revealing some of the key considerations when translating marketing content will bring some benefits to your business strategy.

Your Audience

The first thing to take into consideration is who you are addressing your marketing message. Are you trying to reach doctors, IT managers, teenagers? There is a difference when you are targeting for a technical audience or just general consumer. Meanwhile, you have to be sure that your translation team is also aware of what audience they are translating for.

Translation Team

Not all expert translators are excellent writers. When translating marketing content, you want to pick translators who also have excellent native language writing skills. Ideally, you will select a translator that knows how to communicate the marketing message in the targeted language. You may even ask for references or sample work before casting your translation team.

Translation Process

As a skilled business strategist in the field of translation, you should create a translation process that allows translators to work more efficiently. You have to provide reference materials, translation software for your translators. Your translators do not need to worry about source formats and other technical issues but only concentrate on translating.

Glossary and Style Guide

A glossary is a dictionary that tells translators how to translate important phrases using a specific style guide. As translators work on your projects, they often need to choose between different alternatives for expressing the same thing. You may consider working with your professional translation provider to develop a glossary and style guide ahead of time to ensure your marketing content and website is translated the way you intend.


Transcreation often called creative or adaptive translation is developing your message for a specific target audience rather than just translating existing materials. A good transcreation feels like it was written in the target language in the first place and provides maximum impact for your marketing content.


In many cases, a single translator can produce great work. But, sometimes, you want to have two translators working as a team. One translator would translate and the other proofread. You can choose a reviewer who would be responsible for proofreading all your translations. The reviewer would know your business, understand your objectives and would strive to produce translations that serve you best.

Your product is floating in a dynamic and daily developing market, we hope that you will always take into consideration the key factors that will improve and will help you get the maximum impact out of your translated marketing content.

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