Safety across borders: Language solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Partnering to produce multilingual e-learning that protects workers and the environment

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Established in 2020 in Norwich, Norfolk, Reuzer creates high-quality, innovative training content for the safety-critical sector. Their custom e-learning solutions focus on enhancing training efficiency and effectiveness for industries where safety is paramount.

The company ensures that their training materials are effective, engaging and environmentally sustainable by providing digital-only deliverables. Their approach combines technological expertise with a commitment to delivering practical and sustainable safety training solutions.

Learning for today’s global workforce

Energy companies are global enterprises, with operations across countries and cultures. The industry's top priorities include protecting the wellbeing of its workforce, surrounding communities and the environment. Achieving and maintaining high safety standards is not only a legal requirement but an ethical responsibility.

Reuzer’s long-standing client commissioned the creation of training courses. Delivering courses to improve safety for their multinational workforce requires extensive experience in digital learning creation, as well as translation and cultural adaptation.

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The role of language in global workplace training

Producing multilingual content for operations across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America can be extremely challenging. Because each region presents unique linguistic and regulatory challenges, having the right design and language partners is critical.

Most importantly, the training had to be engaging, nuanced and accurate to resonate with local personnel. The client wanted to demonstrate to their employees that their roles were safety-critical in rig operations because miscommunication or misunderstandings can lead to catastrophic accidents, environmental damage and other negative consequences.

“Having already completed the stringent linguist selection process, carefully matching their profile to Reuzer's projects scope, we were confident that the critical understanding of the subject matter and terminology was in place. In addition, the ability to be a partner that could fully project manage the localisation of entire e-Learning courses meant that these projects can be efficiently delivered on time every time from one delivery point. It is nice as professionals when you can provide that all-round solution covering specialist e-Learning engineering as well as linguistics.”
Paul Liversidge
VP of Sales at Wordminds
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Streamlining safety training across borders

Having worked together for many years, Reuzer knew Wordminds possessed the required expertise in technical and industry translation.

When the end client asked for the provision of the translation, Wordminds engaged native-speaking linguists who specialise in translating content for the Oil & Gas sector and understood the complexity of this content. These materials were not just translated, but adapted for each region, making the courses more engaging for the local workforce while maintaining accuracy. Translation memory and termbase technologies were also used for efficiency, quality and cost leverage throughout the courses.

All course assets were worked on in their native formats by in-house e-learning and multimedia localisation engineers, reducing completion time and risk of errors.

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A complimentary collaboration with measurable results

This partnership yielded several positive outcomes encompassing safety, compliance, operational efficiency, and cost savings, such as:

Enhanced understanding and safety: Local employees embraced the localised e-learning materials, resulting in higher engagement, safer work environments and a lower risk of accidents. Reflecting a commitment to safety and employee well-being, the materials were tailored to each locale’s linguistic preferences.

Compliance and risk mitigation: The partnership also ensured full compliance with local regulations across all regions. This proactive approach mitigates potential risks, safeguarding the company from legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.

Cost savings and operational efficiency: This collaboration realised substantial cost savings through Translation Memory and process optimisation. Beyond that, future costs are kept steady, as compliance and accident prevention address the potential of fines, disputes and compensation claims. Wordminds also streamlined processes that improved efficiency and consistency in the multilingual content.

We value our collaboration and partnership with Wordminds, it’s great to have the confidence to know that we’re not only hitting the multilingual quality, scope and timeline each and every time, but that we’re also able to support our clients with their cost conscious drivers. We love that we can lean on Wordminds for as much or as little of the HSE content and e-Learning course localisation process as we need, which is also a huge positive, as we deal with such a huge variation in project scopes, not just languages.
Ian Smith
Founder at Reuzer

Safer operations across the globe

In the high-stakes world of energy production, worker safety and environmental protection are of utmost importance when localising materials for global operations. Wordminds’ and Reuzer’s combined expertise in localisation, cultural adaptation, compliance, and digital content creation enables Oil and Gas companies to achieve safer operations, cost savings and regulatory compliance.

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About Wordminds

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